What You Said” (Feb. 24), a Weekly Round-Up of Sentiments From the Community

by Coin Market Cap Blog

Posted on   2020-03-02 23:55:38

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How much do you agree with this statement: “Cryptocurrencies will become mainstream by 2025.”

“The next economical crisis which is bound to happen in the next few years will create the perfect condition to introduce alternatives such as Bitcoin and Ethereum” – That could be a possibility. It could also threaten the USD’s position as the world’s global reserve currency. 

“Adoption Is really hard if most people treat crypto currency as an investment when it should be used somehow as cash.” – True. I understand many of us are hodling hard because we believe in the long term value of our crypto assets, but we really should be spending a little every now and then to encourage adoption! 

“The internet needed about 15-20 years to reach mainstream. Now with the internet established, the tech behind Crypto and its advantages will take about the same time to reach mainstream due to its complicated nature and the resistance it is facing from powerful entities.” – Yeah, it might take some time. However, I don’t think crypto shares the same adoption curve timeframe as the internet. I think it will happen a lot quicker than we expect. 

“The more money is artificially made, the less people will trust fiat currencies such as the dollar or the Euro and will take refuge in safe stores of value such as Bitcoin or other decentralized, non-confiscable and censorship-resistant cryptocurrencies!” – Ray Dalio said it best: “Cash is trash!”